Hi there,
I am Anand Vijay.

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Who am I in 50 words

By Title, a Master's student in Technology and Innovation Management at RWTH Aachen. In the past, a sales engineer, president of a student soceity & school head-boy.
By Nature, a guy exploring the world through people, books & travel.

My Personality Type: ENFJ-T

E(61%), N(51%), F(56%), J(57%), T(58%)

The T refers to Turbulent Protagonist.
That's the result of my MBTI. Don't be fooled though! I am a multitude of emotions. So are you :)

I try to make decisions for the common good, although they may not always be possible. I am confident and enjoy being a part of a group. I actively seek feedback and open up with a close few who knows me entirely. Patience is my forte. But, I can also be impatient with results.

A few pillars

Enabling collective growth of the human soceity through empathy and leadership.

Developing technological solutions that improves the quality of our daily-lives.

Protecting the freedom to express, gain free education and broaden the opportunities.

What I am curious about

History. How did we reach here, what were our previous mistakes, how do we avoid them again.

Present. Identifying pressing societal problems, using technology to solve them, empowering people through education.

Future. To impart knowledge, to cultivate sustainably, to protect basic human rights to education and progress.

...and: Systems Thinking, Mathematics, Script-Writing, Photography.

How I want to contribute

I want to lead the change I wish to see in a few ways: building impactful products, inspiring people through my content, and helping people to progress.

Leader. Writer. Founder.

This Blog

This blog is an eclectic collection of my work and a documentation of my growth. I wish to write about some of my experiences, my opinions on a select few issues, good products and digital tools I wish to promote.

Ways I can help you

"Hinterher ist man immer schlauer", which means - in hindsight, you are always smarter. I wish to make you smarter in foresight through my experiences in the hindsight. You can use the articles and the contents on this website for that.

How to reach out to me?

Although I love to speak, I am a better listener. You can reach out to ask@anandvj.com for everything around this blog.

My Work

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